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Rules & Guidelines

These rules & guidelines have been created to assure that the forum runs smoothly and its members maintain an acceptable degree of civility. All members are expected to follow these rules & guidelines as part of their acceptance of using the community area.  If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact an administrator by PM. These rules & guidelines may be updated as required.

1) Forum Community Behavior/Flaming:

Slander, foul language, off-color jokes based(in whole or in part) on race, color, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, political beliefs, as well as harassment of any kind (flaming) directed towards the forum or its members will not be accepted. Additionally, please refrain from any discussions having to do with politics or religion. These forums are viewed by outside guests in their homes and workplaces, by children and adults alike, so family appropriate language is required.  Our moderators will use their discretion to remove any posts, comments or words, in total or part, if they are non-compliant with these standards.

2) Activities That Warrant Banning From the Forum:
No pornographic conversations, postings, or displays will be allowed.  The posting of links to any type of pornographic sites, illegal software downloads, pharmaceutical, or warez links will be just cause for immediate banning.  Foul and abusive language or behavior can also merit consideration for banning. Username aliases are also not permitted.  In all cases, a warning may be given by a Moderator at their discretion. 

3) Do a search:
This forum is equiped with a "Search" function that can be found in the upper-right corner of the screen. Before posting members should "Search" the forum for topic threads relating to their intended post. Administrators and Moderators may ask members to search for the answer to their questions, should it already have been answered.

4) Usernames:
Members may have one (1) username. Multiple aliases are permitted only with the approval of Forum Administrators. Before creating a clone user account - send a private message asking for permission first and include your reasons for such a demand. If more than one username is created for the purpose of manipulating or deceiving  this forum, or for any other reason, forum Administrators reserve the right to ban that member.

5) Obey The Law:
This forum is viewed by citizens of many countries. Many of those countries have extremely strict laws regarding knives, guns, and access to public and government lands.  It is the responsibility of our members to ensure their activity conforms to all laws in their country.

6) Advertising:

Guidelines for commercial companies, distributors, craftsmen, retailers, schools and website owners:
Advertising is not permitted on the forum. Overtly commercial language pertaining to products in which you have a vested commercial interest is not acceptable.

Members should not post links to their own commercial ventures, websites or forums.
Links to such websites in signatures are permissible (at the discretion of Wildsurvive admin) as long as this is not abused and a clearly visible reciprocal link to is placed on the website to which the link points.

We do like to see genuine resources made available to our members, if you are a new company/website or have a new product/service which you think would be of interest to the membership of, please contact an Administrator via Private Message who will, at their discretion, make an announcement on your behalf.

General guidelines for making posts in which you intend to make reference to your own products are as follows:

1. Do not under any circumstances make reference to your own products unless a member has requested information with regards to your product specifically or made a factually incorrect statement about your product or you feel a post must be made in the interests of public safety.

2. Only post your response in the thread in which the query or error/safety issue exists and respond to the query/error/safety issue with a single post.

3. Clearly state that you are a representative of the company at the start of your post

4. Provide only information which is clear, factually correct and serves solely to answer the query or address the error/safety issue

5. Provide the information in an unbiased manner ensuring that you make no statements inferring superiority to any other product

6. Do not under any circumstances make reference to any other manufacturers products or services

7. If you are in any doubt as to the legitimacy of your post, send a copy of the post to an administrator or moderator requesting advice, even if you feel that your post conforms to these guidelines it is generally good practice to inform the admin of your intention to make reference to your products on the forum, in many cases it is more appropriate for the administration to make the statement on your behalf.

Any post which makes reference to your own products or services, which does not conform to the above guidelines will be regarded as an overtly commercial post and will be removed as could membership.

It is perfectly acceptable for you to post information and links for products and services you feel would be of interest to other members, provided they are not of vested commercial interest to yourself or your associates.
We do however ask that you refrain from repeatedly posting information on products or websites (this will raise suspicion of a vested commercial interest)

Moderators will use their judgment as it pertains to this issue to help the forum run smoothly and to avoid any confusion.

7) Photo Gallery:
The Photo Gallery has been provided for members' use in displaying photographs relating to survival, bushcraft, the natural world, equipment (kits), travel, and other related subjects. It is not to be used for selling items either as a trader/dealer, or as a member of the site.

All website design, text, graphics, and the selection and arrangement thereof, and all source code and all other material on this Website are copyright of Wildsurvive and/or its content providers, unless otherwise expressly indicated. All rights reserved. You are permitted to print or download extracts from this material for your personal use only. None of the material contained within this Website may be used for any commercial or public use. No part of the Website or any material appearing on the Website may be reproduced or stored in, or transmitted to, any other web site. No material appearing on the Website may be disseminated in any form, either electronic or non-electronic, nor included in any retrieval system or service without the prior written permission of Any other use of the material and content of the Website is strictly prohibited. You agree that you will not (and will not assist or facilitate any third party to) copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit or create derivative works of such material and content.
All messages posted on this board are copyrighted to Users cannot ask to delete their messages.

We, the Administration of want to thank you for adhering to these rules and guidelines as they provide protection to, Wild Survive, the Wild Survive members and its guests.  The bottom line is that the responsibility and privilege of membership lies with you, and we request that you not abuse it.  We hope you will enjoy the site as an active member and if there are any questions or comments please direct a Private Message to any member of the Administrative Staff.

8)  Disclaimer:
Admins, moderators and any posters take no responsibility for the people who follow the advices and actions described here. They cannot be held responsible for any accidents or damages incurred by anyone who attempts to follow advice given on the site.

Enjoy the site!!
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