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Author Topic: Outdoors "survival books"  (Read 22993 times)

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Re: Outdoors "survival books"
« Reply #120 on: May 08, 2011, 09:34:17 AM »
I picked up a paperback book at a consignment shop for a Quarter called Roughing It Easy by Dian Thomas.   She taught Home Economics Education and Food Science and Nutrition at BYU.   Most of the books covers fires, food preparation, and cooking.   Considering it was printed in 1974, it is in very good shape.
i have that book! good recipes for camping in it
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Re: Outdoors "survival books"
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I have this book also. Well I hope I still have it. Might of gave it to my brother

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Re: Outdoors "survival books"
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My parents gave me the following books for Christmas:

"The Complete Book of Outdoor Survival - Everything you need to know if your outdoor adventure takes an unexpected turn!" by J. Wayne Fears (How funny is THAT name? :rofl:)

"How to Stay Alive in the Woods - A complete guide to food, shelter, and self-preservation that makes starvation in the wilderness next to impossible" by Bradford Angier

Both of these are really excellent books. 

Oh, and because my dad knows I'm a total girl, in addition to the Gerber knife and survival books, he gave me a pair of beautiful hand-carved cameo earrings!  My dad is the greatest! :thumbsup:
+1 on Angier's book. I also have a copy of the SAS guide.
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Re: Outdoors "survival books"
« Reply #123 on: January 01, 2014, 11:13:00 PM »
Found a video tonight where Mors Kochanski listed his seven favorite books:

Ashley Book of Knots - Clifford W. Ashley
Wildwood Wisdom - Elsworth Jaegar
Camp-Lore and Woodcraft - Daniel C. Beard
Outdoor Survival Skills - Larry Dean Olsen
How to Survive in the Bush, On the Coast in the Mountains of New Zealand by Flight Lt. B. Hildreth, for the Royal New Zealand Airforce 1969
The Bushman's Handbook - H.A. Lindsay 1948-Revised 1964
Down but not Out - Royal Canadian Airforce-Revised 1961
 - (Mors says this one is the good one, the newer versions they left a lot of good stuff out)
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