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Roast Iguana
« on: July 24, 2010, 06:44:02 PM »
Just watched "Dual Survival" with Cody and Dave on TV today. Cody caught an Iguana with a noose (in Belize) out of a tree, and they roasted it. Looked good actually, I love what Cody Lundin said at the end of the show, "I don't give a damn how prepared you are, how bad ass you think you are and what training you have, mother nature is always the boss." Isn't that the truth?! Good show. Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury, two good ones.

Now, the next show, they are on a mountain peak, glacier in New Zealand and Cody is shoeless as usual.  Just ate a Grub, Cody is fishing for EEL in New Zealand.  Cool stuff.   I like Dave's knots as they're making an EEL fishing rig.