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Author Topic: The Bad Book Guide  (Read 1217 times)

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The Bad Book Guide
« on: April 17, 2011, 12:58:45 PM »
It is as important to know the bad books as well as the good books so I will kick this off with what i feel is the worst survival book I have ever come across.

The book is: Survival for Aircrew
By: Sarah-Jane Prew
ISBN: 1-84014-521-8
No of pages: 127
Publisher: Ashgate
Price: $130 or $117 if bought from the website.

This book has been written with aircrew for passenger planes in mind. There is some interesting info for working aircrew on what to do whilst the aircraft is still in the air but this is common sense stuff and is not overly important for passengers. 99.9% of the information in this book is available in other survival books, what i do like is that most of the survival information is of modern sources apposed to being the regurgitated crap from the old military survival manuals. But, most modern survival books have moved away from that dribble.

My biggest gripe about the book is the cost; at $130 it is no where near worth that. I would price it around $10 for the information it contains. It is definitely a book aimed at the market and the price reflect that.

Unless you are rich or stupid, don't waste your money on this book. Any modern survival book will give you far more information and be more informative than this book. And if you are worried about ditching into the sea and sea survival in a life raft then I suggest you get yourself a copy of The Sea Survival Manual. ISBN 0-7136-7052-5 and costs 15.99.
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