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Author Topic: Consolidated Book List  (Read 2353 times)

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Consolidated Book List
« on: March 23, 2012, 10:35:01 am »
I had a little free time this morning waiting for a machine install so I went through the book recommendations and built a reference list of the books that were on it.  (WOW, Lots of great book suggestions).

There may be a few duplicates and I did not verify every book and spelling, just copied and pasted what was listed so there may be mispellings and errors that carried over) 

I also haven't had a chance to go through it and kill duplicates.   Any admin or mod can edit the list if they see a mistake or duplicate.  (Please add an author on the items that don't have an author listed if you know the author).

This can be updated as needed.  Makes for a great quick downloadable list to put on your smart phone or to print and take with you to the book store and check off.  (I will make a spreadsheet version available when I have time). 

Thanks for all the great book suggestions.  I have LOTS of stuff I want to add to the library.

I would also like to do the same with a list of free, open source PDF's and Ebooks.  But that will have to come later.



Survival Books (Consolidated List)

1.   Camping & Wilderness Survival- The Ultimate Outdoors Book  by Paul Tawrell
2.   Safe and Sound-(How not to get lost in the Woods and How to Survive if you Do)  by Gordon Snow
3.   Boy Scout Handbook
4.   Deep Survival
5.   How To Stay Alive In The Woods
6.   The Outdoor Survival Handbook by Ray Mears
7.   Tom Brown's Field Guide on Wilderness Survival
8.   Karen Berger's Hiking and Backpacking
9.   Harvey Manning's Backpacking - One Step at a Time
10.   SAS Survival Handbook
11.   The Worst Case Survival Handbook (Travel) By Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht
12.   The pocket Survival Guide By J. Wayne Fears
13.   The Worst Case Survival Handbook (holidays) By. Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht
14.   The Worst Case Survival Handbook (student edition) By Joshua Piven and David
15.   Borgenicht   
16.   Mountain,jungle,sea, and desert survivor's guide By Rory Storm
17.   The Art of Survival by. Cord Christian Troebst
18.   The Book of Survival by Anthony Greenbank
19.   US Army Survival Guide
20.   How to Survive Anything, anywhere By. Chris McNab
21.   United States Air Force Search and Rescue Survival Training
22.   The encyclopedia of Outdoor Survival By. Barry Davies
23.   Primitive Living, Self-Sufficiency and Survival Skills by Thomas j Elpel
24.   Wildwood Wisdom by Ellsworth Jaeger
25.   The Forgotten Arts and Crafts - Skills from Bygone Days by John Seymour
26.   Ernest Thompson Seton's Big Book of Country Living by Ernest Thompson Seton
27.   The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide by J.Wayne Fears
28.   98.6 degrees The art of keeping your ass alive by Cody Lundin
29.   Survival Advantage, Survival Foods and Techniques for the North-West European Environment by Andrew Lane
30.   harmful plants and animals,
31.   survival in the marsh
32.   Basic wilderness survival skills, Bradford Angier
33.   "The Complete Book of Outdoor Survival - Everything you need to know if your outdoor adventure takes an unexpected turn!" by J. Wayne Fears
34.   "How to Stay Alive in the Woods - A complete guide to food, shelter, and self-preservation that makes starvation in the wilderness next to impossible" by Bradford Angier
35.   Bushcraft skills and how to survive in the wild" by Anthonio Akkermans
36.   Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski
37.   Bush Craft by Richard Graves
38.   SAS Survival Guide- by Wiseman (Pocket book)
39.   Emergency Survival- by Christopher Van Tilburg, MD (pocket book)
40.   Survival in the Outdoors-by Byron Dalrymple (outdoor life books)
41.   Complete Book of Outdoor Lore-by Clyde Ormond ( outdoor life books)
42.   ST31-91B US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
43.   Foxfire 3
44.   US Army Survival Manual
45.   Tom Brown's Field Guide's-  Wilderness Survival, Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants, Living With the Earth
46.   Survive by Les Stroud
47.   Back to Basics
48.   Hard Rain by Bob Dylan
49.   Camp Life and the Tricks of Trapping by W Hamilton Gibson.
50.   Tom Brown's Field Guide -  City and Suburban Survival
51.   Surviving A Disaster by Tony Nester
52.   Practical Outdoor Survival by Len McDougall
53.   Cedar by Hilary Stewart
54.   Indian Fishing Hilary Stewart
55.   Survival Wisdom and Know-How
56.   How to Survive Anywhere, by Christopher Nyerges
57.   Camping and Wilderness Survival by paul Tarwell
58.   Illustrated knots for the outdoors by Cliff Jacobson
59.   Basic Essentials, Map and compass. by Cliff Jacobson
60.   Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living by John and Geri McPherson.
61.   Peterson field Guide to Eastern Forests
62.   Basic wilderness survival skills  by : Bradford Angier
63.   Bushcraft skills and how to survive in the wild  by : Anthonio Akkermans
64.   Camping and wilderness survival by : Paul Tawrell
65.   The ultimate encyclopedia of knots and ropework  by : Geoffrey Budworth
66.   Survival in the marsh by : Eric Lacefield
67.   The pocket outdoor survival guide by : J. Wayne Fears
68.   Readers digest : North American wildlife , 1982 edition
69.   Readers digest : ABC's of nature , 1984 edition
70.   A guide to skywatching
71.   A guide to backyard astronomy
72.   A guide to weather
73.   Survival And Self-Relience by J A Bigley
74.   When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes by Cody Lundin
75.   98.6 Deg art of keeping your ass alive - Cody Lundin
76.   American Red Cross First Aid handbook
77.   Back country first aid 4th edition - Buck Tilton 
78.   Build the perfect survival kit - John D. McCann
79.   Camping and woodcraft - Horace Kephart
80.   The complete walker IV - Colin Fletcher
81.   The complete book of fire - Buck Tilton
82.   Deep survival - Laurence Gonzales
83.   The Jungle - Yossi Ghinsberg
84.   The man who walked thru time – Colin Fletcher
85.   Medicine for mountaineering 5th edition
86.   Mountain weather – Jeff Renner
87.   Outdoor Survival skills (sixth edition) – Larry Dean Olsen
88.   SAS Survival Handbook – John Lofty Wiseman
89.   Surviving the extremes - Kenneth Kamler, MD
90.   Wilderness survival 2nd Edition - Greg Davenport
91.   Wilderness Evasion - Mick Chesbro
92.   Wilderness Survival (Living off the land with the clothes on your back and the knife on your belt) Mark Elbroch and Mike Pewtherer
93.   A walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson
94.   Aboman's Guide to Survival & Self –Reliance
95.   Wildwood Wisdon" By Ellsworth Jaeger
96.   Skills for Taming the Wilds by Bradford Angier
97.   Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski
98.   Roughing It Easy by Dian Thomas


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Re: Consolidated Book List
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2015, 08:55:34 am »
I just added an app called LibriVox to my smart phone. Through this, you have access to an entire library of public domain audio books.  I just downloaded and am listening to Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart. 

There is a free version of this app that will scroll ads in a window across the bottom and a paid version without ads ($1.99).

There is already a pretty extensive library of books available for this app.

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Re: Consolidated Book List
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2015, 06:39:09 pm »
I'll see if it works for kindle
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